Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mullen mutters, makes mistake, miffed man makes money

Larry Mullen Jr is out of pocket after claiming in an interview that a Brazilian promoter failed to pay U2 for two 1998 gigs.

Although there were some monies still outstanding from the event, the portion due from promoter Franco Bruni had been paid. So he launched a lawsuit, which Mullen, the journalist and the publisher of the magazine have lost. Damages have been set just shy of half a million in US dollars.

Bono - who had been interviewed at the time, but hadn't been part of the claim - was acquitted. Sometimes, you see, there are stories about U2 where he's in the right.

Still, by the time Larry Mullen has paid his legal fees for the seven year case, and paid the damages, it'll be as if he hadn't earned anything at all from playing Brazil. So he's sort of made himself right, in a roundabout way.