Monday, January 03, 2011

We are all in the Capital now, sort-of

About, ooh, ninety minutes ago, Capital made an attempt to turn itself into a national radio station:

Global Radio, which also operates Classic FM and London's LBC station, said that the new Capital FM will broadcast the best in pop music, along with showbiz interviews, music events and news updates. It will directly compete with the BBC's Radio 1 as a national pop music network.
Except, of course, there are great chunks of the nation where there isn't any Capital station. And you can still see the old local stations that have been rebranded Capital as part of the change, so it's not a single station. And only commercial radio bosses would think that Capital and Radio 1 are similar. But apart from that, that's exactly what has happened here.


James said...

It will directly compete with the BBC's Radio 1 as a national pop music network.

Is that 'compete' as in 'Attempt to offer the same audience a superior service'? Or is it the Global definition, i.e. 'Continue to plop out the same tired format that our focus-groups and endless testing keep telling us is what everyone wants, then start moaning when we get yet another spanking in the RAJARs, whine that it's not fair and demand that Radio 1 be forced to broadcast nothing but white noise during peak hours'?

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