Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arcade Fire: I have never heard of them, therefore the fault must lie with them

Good work to whoever it was who started Who Is Arcade Fire, a collection of blinking tweets and puzzled Facebook statuses from people whose logic runs:

- I have not heard of the Arcade Fire (or the R K Fire, or The Suburbs)
- My music knowledge is unimpeachable
- Therefore, the Arcade Fire should not have won a Grammy.

Stuff like:

Album of the year goes to Arcadia Fire. WTF are they?
Slightly undermining these people's self-belief that there's no way they could have possibly have heard of this band is the awkward fact that The Suburbs was number one in the US last summer. Admittedly, the album before that only got to number two. I mean, how are you supposed to have heard of bands if they've only had number one albums?


Ian said...

The strange thing is that not only do the people who've never heard of Arcade Fire have limited musical tastes (demonstrating they need to get out more) but they are also illiterate morons.


Simon said...

As far as I could tell, post-Grammy Twitter chat yesterday was either about how commercial and mainstream a choice The Suburbs was or how nobody had heard of it. It's not like they're operating from the shadows Stateside either - SNL twice, sold out Madison Square Garden, half a million sales of that album or so, on a big NFL advert, loads of Rolling Stone coverage. There's a whole other debate here about how small the accepted mainstream music talent pool is now (which could equally apply over here, of course - consider the disparity between Bruno Mars' chart placings and wider knowledge)

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