Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Apparently losing a game show doesn't make you famous

Heartbreaking tales of how cruel the world can be today, as somebody called Rebecca Ferguson fails to get a table in a busy restaurant:

The X Factor runner-up was denied a table in London's Chinawhite club after a waitress didn't recognise her.
Oh, but there's more:
The snub comes after PAIJE RICHARDSON and KATIE WAISSEL found themselves stuck outside the VIP area at the Brits nominations last month.
Most of the world would be wondering what they were doing at the Brits, rather than at the Brits but outside the VIP "area".

Still, chilling, I'm sure you'd agree.

In the same boat is Stigsy Jones, who would totally have won his heat on Total Wipeout if he'd not been pushed off that wall with the little boxing gloves. He told us, exclusively:
"Yeah, I went down the chip shop last night and winked at the woman behind the counter and said 'any chance of slipping an extra pickled egg in there, love?' and she did - but then she rings up 67p on the till! I mean, is my money not fucking good enough? Well... yes, it was, actually, because she took it. But I've been on telly, me. I shouldn't be paying for pickled eggs like I was some doctor or scientist."