Friday, February 18, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Kelly on the telly

So it sounds like Being In The Stereophonics isn't lucrative enough any more:

KELLY JONES is working on a second career away from the STEREOPHONICS.
I'm not sure Being In The Stereophonics quiyte constitutes a career, to be honest, but do tell us more. With Jones' talent and charm, I'm guessing the Asda fish bar has come calling, right?
The singer has lined up meetings with TV execs to discuss ideas for shows that he would then produce.
I think from this we're meant to assume that Jones' second career is as a television producer, but it actually sounds like he might just have taken on a part-time role annoying television executives.

In case you're wondering, Jones seems to have no track record of producing television programmes at all but - hey - how hard can it be, eh?

So, what Monkey Tennis style ideas does Jones have?
One programme he's pitching involves a music show with performances filmed around the UK, including the frontman's native Wales.
Is this an idea he's had, or just something he's seen on TV? Is he also going to pitch a programme about people in Manchester having a tram dropped on their heads?

Even Gordon spots this is a bit hackneyed, but does his best to try and pluff up the idea:
Although there have been a few similar shows in the past, Kelly could count on his musician mates to put in an appearance.
Yeah. Kelly Jones' musical mates. That doesn't actually make the idea any more attractive. It's a bit like trying to spiff up a bowl of cold sick by sprinkling prunes in it.