Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Justin Bieber: He's now a grown-up childman

The people responsible for marketing the Kevin The Teenager made flesh that is Justin Bieber are now trying to shift the perception of him into some sort of mature star. Jon M Chu, who earns money in the Bieber verse, can't stress to MTV how grown-up the hamster-faced child is:

"With the movie and going to the Grammys and being respected on so many different levels beyond just his own fanbase, he's really growing up and learning how to interact with people," Chu said.
He ties his own shoelaces now, and last night not only did he say he'd rather go to Pizza Hut than Chuck E Cheese, but he ordered from the grown-up menu and everything.

MTV is happy to row in with this 'he's mature' line, because it makes it sound like they're wasting their time pissing away pages on interviews with a proper singer rather than an offcut from the Toy Story franchise. In fact, it really wants to believe:
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Please! Maybe you've seen him smoking a fag, or smuggling a copy of Nuts out of WH Smiths? Anything will do. Please!