Thursday, February 24, 2011

MTV launches another awards ceremony

To a frankly bored response, MTV have announced plans for another set of music awards.

They're calling them the OMAs - not be confused with defunct soap powder brand OMO - and apparently it's up to the audience to decide what the O stands for. Probably "Oh, god, not another bloody awards ceremony."

These awards will, say MTV,

"honor the migration of music to the digital space, and celebrate the art, artistry and technology of digital music."
MTV seem unaware that digital music has been going on since Mark Knopfler was a household name and that, substantially, there's not much different about a digital version of a song and an analogue version.

What they probably mean is that they've come up with a way to get Katy Perry to turn up to sing by giving her a prize for being good at Twitter.