Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Whiley shoves out Radcliffe & Maconie

Radio 2 and 6Music are having a reshuffle, the headline of which has been Jo Whiley taking over the Radcliffe & Maconie slot on Radio 2 in the evenings.

But it's not entirely bad news: The increasingly detached Nemone programme in the 6Music schedules is being junked, and Mark and Stuart are going to set up home in the 1 to 4 slot. That's a whole lot more of them on the air, and a pretty good line-up for daytimes on 6 now - Laverne-Radcliffe&Maconie-Lamacq-Riley-Coe. If they could fix breakfast, that would be an all time great schedule.

Nemone's moving to a weekend breakfast show or something.

Jo Whiley is finally giving up on Radio 1 - after seventeen years - to concentrate on her new Radio 2 show. She's thrilled:

"As well as supporting my love of music, Radio 1 have also supported and accommodated me bringing three further children into the world, something, as a woman, I will always be grateful for.

"Last year Radio 2, the BBC's other great music station, asked me to present their In Concert programme on Thursday evenings, hosting live shows by the likes of Paolo Nutini, Gary Barlow and the Manic Street Preachers which has proved to be much fun. "
The words 'Paolo Nutini' and 'fun' don't often appear in the same sentence. And I'm sure 6Music and Radio 3 will be delighted to hear that Radio 2 is "the BBC's other great music station", even as they try to figure out what that means they are.

The shuffling about leaves Weekend afternoons empty on Radio 1; a slot into which the wonderful Huw Stephens is going to step.


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