Monday, March 14, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Jedward crowbar themselves into storyline

Ha ha ha, look at Charlie Sheen screwing up his life. Isn't it hilarious? You know what would make it even more hilarious? How about if you let pantomime-cow-in-search-of-a-costume Jedward get in on the fun?

EDWARD said: "We spoke to him on Twitter while the whole thing was happening – while he was all over the papers.

"We're big fans of his show Two And A Half Men and we used to directly message him. He replied to us.

"When there were rumours about things we told him to stay cool and stay focused."
Yes, I'm sure that would have helped.

It's funny, the way they talk, it's almost like they didn't realise he wasn't on Twitter until after he had melted down.

You can almost forgive Jedward for using someone else's mental health problems as a way of trying to market themselves, as it's clear the boychildren don't really understand what's going on:
Edward said: "He's gonna be OK. He'll be fine.

"Everyone needs to realise he's cool and not crazy."
No, Edward, you have to understand that he is crazy. That's pretty much all there is to Sheen right now.

Yes, you might be able to forgive Jedward. But whoever it is who is making money out of farming them should be ashamed.