Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gordon in the morning: OMG, it's Lily Allen

Lily Allen knows a thing or two about rotten chat shows, so perhaps it's no surprise that she's rushed to defend Peaches Geldof and her show, the aptly named OMG.

For those unfamiliar with the programme, Gordon explains:

Bob Geldof's 22-year-old daughter made her hosting debut when she launched ITV2 show OMG! With Peaches Geldof this month.

The programme has been met with mixed reactions.
It's not her hosting debut, because she anchored that Teenage Mind thing and her guide to Islam, but perhaps Gordon has had some therapy to help him forget that.

Mixed reactions, indeed, though. Running from "please make it stop" to "I suppose it could have been worse; it's not like she had Fearne Cotton on it".

It turns out someone made a mild a joke about the programme on Twitter:
[O]ne unimpressed fan wrote to Lily on Twitter: "Lets hope that OMG show becomes 'canned Peaches' very soon. Lol."
Lily was as unimpressed with her fan as her fan was with Peaches:
She wrote: "You sound very bitter, give her a break.

"She's not hurting anyone... Why would you want that? You must be jealous."
Yes, that'd be it - the only possible reason for objecting to a poorly-made programme with a useless presenter and a creaking format, where the self-obsession of the host is only out-shallowed by that of the guests would be bitter jealousy.

You might have thought Allen would be pleased that there's a new low point in the 'chatshow knocked up to give a star name something to present' category. But it's nice to see solidarity - perhaps she could start a union of some sort? In fact, there might be a programme for Sky Living It in that. Excuse me, I have a call or two to make.


Anonymous said...

Can we declare a moratorium on "you're just jealous" as a counter-argument? It's so tired and impossible to prove..

duckie said...

To be fair she has told people not to watch her own new PR exercise, sorry, JOURNEY FROM POPSTAR TO FROCKSTAR or whatever the stupid thing's called. Although that is the kind of double bluff she usually pulls -

LILY: "Don't buy my records, I hardly make any money off them".
PUNTER ONE: "I must buy more Lily Allen records, she's a pop singer with real integrity who tells people not to buy them."
PUNTER TWO: "I'm going to buy more because poor Lily hasn't got two farthings to rub together so even the farthing she gets from my purchases is bound to help. Or maybe I'll buy one of her brilliant totally original dresses instead."

WE ARE said...

Given the amount of times that Lily Allen must have heard "they're just jealous..." from a sycophantic flunky after reading ANOTHER terrible review of her tv show, then I assume she's just making a similar observation.

Incidentally I tried watching 'OMG' so I could make a judgement without jumping to conclusions and it turns out I needn't have bothered. It was execrable.

WE ARE said...

ps Although watching Dom Joly criticize the modern culture of 'celebrity', with its swathes of talentless attention-seeking no marks, with Peaches Geldof nodding along in blind agreement was a joy to behold.

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