Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Amazon cloud

Bascha watches the record industry squawk as Amazon allow you to swap a hard drive at your house for a hard drive in the cloud, and sighs a long sigh:

I do not think that Sony and their ilk would be, shall we say, opposed to having one giant virtualized pool of everyone’s music resources. One place where you stored every music file you owned? That would make it eerily simple to monitor music consumption. To identify misappropriation.

The problem is that the major music labels do not own Amazon’s pool, and they don’t have means to see inside it. Google and others, it’s been suggested, were in talks with the labels to negotiate terms for very similar technologies. Licensing terms could kick back for music stored, monetarily and--most likely--in data and assurances. In addition to the fees they already paid for music sold.

[Thanks to Michael M for the tip]