Saturday, April 16, 2011

Embed and breakfast man: Silver Sun

There have been requests, and it turns out I cave easily.

I should start with a brief confession: I never much cared for Silver Sun myself. I suspect this is because their gigs and Evening Session appearances and so on managed to keep eluding me, and so I tended to have them filed away as 'the band that has badly drawn dodos in their adverts' and 'oh, god, they're a bit like fucking Kingmaker' in my mind.

So, second chances all round then.

Silver Sun are apparently a going concern still, but only in the 'never appearing to have gotten round to splitting up' sense - they last played in 2007, in support of the 2006 album Dad's Weird Dream, and their official website has bits and pieces from that.

It's worth mentioning - and timely, too - that key Sun James Broad is playing a bunch of the band's songs acoustically as part of the Norwich Arts Centre benefit for Japan on April 27th. And the Smoke Fairies are headlining that, too, so it's well worth going to.

With their vintage, and their style, naturally the band turned up on TFI Friday, but it's embedding disabled to request for I'll See You Around. The request comes from Lord Melbury, who is actually James under a fake but not very well concealed identity, so I suppose he's in a good place to ask. His YouTube channel is packed with a lot of Silver Sun stuff and, thankfully, not all of it is unembeddable.

Here, then, is the band on The Mag, the imaginatively-named Channel Five youth show that is so forgotten, you'll never even see a second-string stand-up pretending to remember it on a list programme. Not even one on Channel Five.

That's quite nice, actually, isn't it?

Silver Sun - the debut album
Dad's Weird Dream - the latest to date

Silver Sun online
Official site
Still very active fan forum
Silver Sun on Spotify

More Sun across the weekend
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late - TOTP
Nature live - Duchess Of York

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James said...

Aw, I love this blog. Thank you! I'm fairly sure that somewhere upstairs I've still got a groovy see-through-plastic-CD promo copy of I'll See You Around (or, as today's time-pressed youth would probably call it in their online blogspacewalls, ISYA). The debut album still graces the shelves behind me though, between Teenage Fanclub and Blessed Ethel (organised by spine colour, see. Ironically for such a joyous-sounding album, it's filed under the Blues).

I remember Silver Sun getting plenty of airplay during Mark and Lard's stint on the breakfast show when the first album was out. Cue lots of chirpy banter between them and the newsreader about how the chorus of Golden Skin sounds like "Let the Lard in". And Too Much Too Little Too Late (that's TMTLTL, youths) was an inspired cover - Much more downbeat but still with the guitars and harmonies.

Thanks again!

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