Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Won't someone not think of the children like that

What would The Sun think of a man who ran round with a picture of a very young looking 17 year-old boy stood in a shower, apparently cleaning his penis?

They might think it was a bit odd; a spot of twink-worship bordering on the creepy. Especially if the photo was taken with a long lens, with the lad involved apparently unaware he was being pictured. They might also feel sick-in-the-mouth disgusted if the bloke sharing the snap with his mates made some ribald jokes about cleaning yourself off; giving way to outrage if the man pretended he was offering some sort of "lesson to all teenage lads".

On the other hand, they might say "well done, Gordon - you've put a photo of Justin Bieber rubbing his cock in the paper". It's hard to know.