Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Sorry excuses

No, no, it's not rats. That sound you can hear is Gordon scrabbling an apology out:

LAST week I reported that Gareth Bale celebrated his PFA Player's Player of The Year Award by dancing on tables with glamour girls at nightclub Merah in London.

At the time I said it was a bit out of character for the teetotal Welsh winger, and in fact we now accept that we got it wrong.

The Spurs hero was in fact back home with his parents, his grandfather, sister, girlfriend and the trophy at his Essex home.

He did not visit the club and was professional enough to head straight home after the awards. Sorry Gareth.
I think what's especially magic about this is the way Gordon tries to somehow justify the original story by saying 'yeah, at the time I said it sounded unlikely'. Perhaps rather than writing 'this sounds unlikely', you could, you know, check or something? Before writing a bunch of old crap in your paper? It might save you having to grovel.