Friday, April 15, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Your comeback is beinh geld in a queue

Six years ago, Liam Gallagher called Chris Martin a plantpot.

Now, Chris Martin has shot back.

After six years. Even BT customer services are faster than that.

Still, six years in production: it must be quite something he's come up with after that, right?

At a gig, he introduced one of his songs like this:

"This is a soppy song. I apologise but it's what Coldplay is all about, and it has made me mill... very happy. Hey, I've got to get paid for all the abuse I get from people like Liam Gallagher."
Wow. That's going to sting.

Then a bit later in he played Wonderwall. Maybe playing a song by Noel was meant to be a dig at Liam?