Friday, April 08, 2011

RCRDLBL wnt rgstrn

The only music company that you can play Only Connect with, RCRDLBL, are introducing registration and user accounts.

As ever, when this sort of thing happens, it's because it's great for you:

We want to give you more of the music you love, the way you want it. All you'll have to do is register for a free RCRD LBL account that will help you organize, download and share all your favorite new music. This small change will help enhance the site for you — you'll be able to create genre preferences and customize your email subscriptions, as well as have access to exclusives first.

Thanks for rocking with us! We're excited to give you even more free music!
I suspect the subtext is that is about making it easier to sell advertising and other services from the site. But then, isn't everything?