Thursday, April 07, 2011

Steve Penk deploys the Osmonds

Steve Penk's The Revolution radio station isn't just there to encourage suicidal people to kill themselves.

Now, it's also the home of Donny Osmond.

Penk sees this as quite the feather in his cap:

Penk added that research on social media sites, such as Facebook, illustrated that Osmond has firm fans in the region - “the data clearly shows the people of the North West are the most passionate about Donny and his amazing forty-plus year career,” Penk opined.
Perhaps, Steve, but I think you'll find that's North West Utah, not North West England.

You have to wonder what the "data" Penk gathered from Facebook was - did he set up a 'People of Oldham who bought Crazy Horses page', counted up all the likes, and then compared it with 'People of Winterbourne Zelston who bought Crazy Horses'?

Still, while Penk might have searched Twitter to, uh, prove the business case, he's lucky that it doesn't look like Donny Googled 'Steve Penk'. Or his radio station, come to that.


James said...

Penk added that research on social media sites, such as Facebook, illustrated that Osmond has firm fans in the region

He does realise that there's a bit of a difference between what people want and which buttons they'll idly click on their lunchbreak, doesn't he? I'm sure he knows what he's doing, it's just that if he dug even deeper into this particular data source, he'd probably also discover that a huge section of the population would like the playlist to consist of the themes from Jossy's Giants and Rentaghost, for all competitions to have a top prize of some Wham bars and for the breakfast show to be hosted by 'The Great Soprendo LOL!!!'.

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