Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warners: EOS to go?

Cisco is causing a bit of a flap tonight as it axes most, or possibly all, of its non-network-focused subsidiaries. The highest profile corpse is the Flip minicamera division, but Digital Music News is reporting that EOS might be wound down, too.

EOS is currently the system powering most of Warner Music's artist websites. Cisco tried to interest the other majors in joining Warner on the platform, but they said no. Because, after all, what sort of company puts its main business onto a third-party service which could vanish overnight?

DMN speculates that the contract would have been drafted so that screens won't suddenly go blank overnight, but if you work at Warners and know how to code up a website, you might not want to book any non-refundable tickets for the near future.