Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Domino Records becomes Domino Radio

Yes, that's Domino Records plotting a week of FM-based radio excitement in London and online.

And you can have a bit of it. Oh, yes:

Then listen up now everybody because Domino Radio invites you all to submit a fine hour of music to us. A great playlist gets an hour slot on Domino Radio. It's that simple.
Of course, if no listener coughs up an hour, they've got some mates in as fallbacks:
Featuring shows by Animal Collective, Hot Chip, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, No Pain In Pop, Bobby Gillespie, Optimo, Dirty Projectors, Frieze Arts, Robert Wyatt and many others.
It should be an interesting week. Kick off is June 6th.


Nightclub DJ said...

Hey thanks for the head up. waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic but I just went on to the domino site to look at this (which looks pretty interesting) and I got distracted by the article on the Independent Label Market. I think it seems like a great idea but I was disappointed to read this laziness in the middle:

"Berwick Street and the surrounding area has always been very well known for its independent record shops... however many have now closed due to the emergence of digital downloading."

When did this become the stock excuse for even a respectable outlet like Domino? Or is it just that simplistic thinking has taken over and everyone now needs everything to be black and white and have a single reason for something to happen rather than contributions from lots of places - in this case, to pick only a few of the reasons, high street chains (well.. at one point anyway), supermarkets and online shops for both new products and second hand items that a lot of these places sold. In fact, I think that the last Domino record I bought was the Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen album from Domino's own online shop! Now that I think about it, isn't a market for labels another possible way of killing the independent record shop?

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