Friday, May 13, 2011

Gordon in the "morning": Tickets at all prices

There's a little curiosity as Gordon Smart writes a football story involving Noel Gallagher:

IT looks like NOEL GALLAGHER will miss his beloved Manchester City play Stoke in the FA Cup final tomorrow - he's stuck recording his new tunes in LA.
So far, so normal. But - having established that Noel Gallagher won't be going to the FA Cup, Gordon then adds this surprising thought:
But I know a bloke called Jonathan at will pay £200 a pop for tickets.
Or £1,000 cash for the Champions League final.
The fact that some random bloke is trying to buy tickets on a website doesn't actually relate to Noel Gallagher not going to the Cup Final. It's almost as if Gordon was trying to use his column to advertise a slightly odd-looking secondary ticket buyer and seller.

Even more curiously, says on its front page that it's looking to buy and sell tickets for "Olympics London 2012" - something which is illegal under the insanely-heavy laws the UK government passed to please the IOC.

Bit rum for The Sun to be busily promoting a website which is encouraging users to break the law, isn't it?

INSTANT UPDATE: Because Blogger's been down, I posted this on a floating ghost ship page earlier today, and @readyartbrut responded with a tweet: Section 166, illegal to resell football match tickets.
So even the story itself seems to be be directly encouraging illegal activity.