Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John Elway takes on the punks

There's a band in Fort Collins who took the name Elway, as a way of (a) dumping their original, rotten name of 10-4 Eleanor and (b) paying tribute to their roots through John Elway, who used to play American "football" and sell cars in Denver.

John Elway found out, and was not flattered. He's now instructed his people to send a letter to Elway, the band, asking them to not use the name any more.

They're going to stick with the name. Not least, you suspect, because a band who by their own admission usually play to "about 30 people in a basement" are suddenly picking up coverage from CBS, Yahoo, and USA Today. Albeit the sports pages, but still, it's coverage.

Elway insist that they're not actually using Elway to mean John Elway - instead, they're using him as part of the local vernacular; Mr Elway, to be fair, hasn't sent a legal cease-and-desist. Not yet, anyway.