Sunday, May 01, 2011

Kasabian have named their songs. One sounds like it should have a Happy Meal toy.

When did we start having to pretend to be excited at the announcement of the names of songs which are going to be on an album?

A veritable street party today, with the announcement of the song titles on the next Kasabian album:

Switchblade Smile
Neon Noon
Goodbye Kiss
I Hear Voices
Shelter From The Storm

I literally cannot wait to hear what songs might be sitting under such inspired titles. Literally cannot wait. So I've just played the same leaden-plod-rock track Kasabian always make once and pretended it's called Velociraptor.

Kasabian, of course, are very excited about their new album:

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said of the album: "Listening to the songs makes you feel great. Get your fucking jacket on, whack your fucking shoes on. It makes you believe things are going to happen."
A song so great it makes you want to put your shoes on, eh?

To be fair to Serge, Kasabian songs do often make me put my coat on, as I'll generally leave anywhere when they start playing.


James said...

Darn it, my fucking jacket's still at the dry cleaners, along with my smoking jacket and my gardening trousers. Will the songs still work if I whack my reading glasses on?

PeterDee said...

When I am feeling down I often think, where's me fucking jacket, and me fucking shoes, I invariably feel great when I have them on. You know if only there was an album that could invoke that feeling.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Kasabian who unfortunately stumbled by this self important,conceited ballsack of a post which stinks of the excess smoke you're blowing into your own arsehole I'd just like to point out that their music most certainly isn't 'plod-rock'. Before you're quick to open your mouth and stink out the room you should take a listen to their early work, the stuff which (and rightly so) brought them to the level and status they are today. You clearly are the type of music fan who'll only like a band up until the point they become main stream popular. As a fan who happens to stick by the band I have followed since watching them in a hall of 50 people I felt the need to stick up for them and their music. Say what you like about the band as individuals but picking holes at music which makes a hell of a lot of fans go out and out ape shit at each and every gig they play says a lot about you.


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Hi Jonny,

I wish I could blow smoke up my own asshole. I'd appreciate being that double-jointed. Unless you're proposing I use some sort of tube.

In effect, your post is a rather long way of saying "I like Kasabian and, therefore, I like Kasabian", which could even further refined down to "I have different tastes to you".

I applaud your devotion, but please don't think I used to ever like Kasabian. They've always been plodding, but you're right to say that they're not plod rock. It's more plodding pomposity these days.

Still, I cherish the image of a Kasabian audience being like a bunch of honking, over-excited lower primates.

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