Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MTV gets cold feet over womb police adverts

MTV has been quick to quick to rubbish claims from Heroic Media that they were going to have ads running on the network.

Heroic Media are the group who ran the billboard claiming that the "most dangerous place for an African-American", trying to turn the already tinder-dry abortion debate in the US into a race issue as well.

It's good to see MTV taking a stand against the assault on women's health - "Heroic" are mainly dedicated to destroying Planned Parenthood, a group whose main work is around providing health care for uninsured American women.

The only trouble is that they're only dropping the ads now. MTV were happily running spots for Heroic throughout much of last year, and only the stink about the race billboards have caused them to change their mind.

The network doesn't seem to have a problem with what Heroic are trying to do, it just doesn't want them to create a fuss while they do it.

The MTV message? If you're going to try and prevent poor women having access to ob-gyn services, please do it stealthily.