Monday, May 30, 2011

Ringo says "sorry", sort-of

Back in 2008, Ringo Starr upset Liverpool by telling Jonathan Ross (remember him?) that there was nothing he missed about the city. Now, having had a chance to think about it - by which, we mean "having booked a gig in the city" - Starr has clarified his comments:

Starr, 70, said: "I apologise to those people (who were offended), as long as they live in Liverpool, not outside.

"No real Scouser took offence, only I believe people from the outside.

"I was brought up there, I went to school there, all my childhood, my youth was there.

"It's silly that whoever took offence, took offence."
This is, perhaps, the most brilliant empty apology in recorded history. Starr says sorry to anyone, providing they live in Liverpool, and then says that nobody who lives in Liverpool could possibly be offended.

Starr's suggestion that only people who still live in Liverpool are "proper" Scousers is also a bit bemusing - especially as he also seems to be claiming that he is a proper Scouser on the grounds that he lived there until he earned enough money to move somewhere else.

Still, how has his apology-of-sorts been received? Let's check the comments section on that ClickLiverpool article:
Ringo made a gaff and has apologised. Now lets rock with him at the Empire Theatre. Welcome back Ringo!
Ah, that's great then. Which part of Liverpool did that warm, open welcome come from?
Eddie M, Manchester