Thursday, June 02, 2011

The album that knows where you are

If you're in America, and at the National Mall, you can prick your finger on the sharp side of the cutting edge by downloading the first location-aware album. What the hell is that, The Next Web?:

Users will be able to download the album [iOS here, free] over the Mall’s WiFi. The phone’s geolocation will sync up with an impressionistic map rendering created for the app. Hit play and as users create their own path through the Mall, they’re creating their own special listening experience. If a user say cuts over to the reflecting pond then over to the FDR memorial, they will have a completely different experience than someone who takes the opposite route and the music was designed for this experience.
Sitting in Britain, it's hard enough to imagine an Arndale with a reflecting pool in it, never mind a soundtrack*.

This feels a bit more at the art project end of the musical scale. And, of course, it helps to promote the band involved. They're called Bluebrain, if you're interested.

* - I know. I know. The national park at the centre of Washington that runs up to the Lincoln Memorial. "This Mall is kind of crummy, there's no shops open at all..."