Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Pete Doherty

In case you've not seen it yet, there's a strong piece in today's Observer which removes what leaves of any sheen on Pete Doherty's character. Former friend, producer and collaborator Jake Fior explains what it's like to be in Doherty's orbit:

On Sunday 24 January 2010, [Robin Whitehead] died from a suspected drug overdose in the Hackney flat where she had been filming Doherty and his friend, another musician, Pete Wolfe, whom Fior had previously managed. Last month, Doherty was sentenced to six months in prison for possession of class A drugs, and Wolfe 12 months, for possession and supply of class A drugs, a conviction secured by damning evidence filmed by Whitehead on the weekend of her death. It is Doherty's third prison sentence since 2003, and follows multiple fines, court appearances, spells in rehab and broken promises to clean up his act. "The media are calling this a tragedy," says Fior, speaking before the pair received their sentence. "But for a brilliant, beautiful, vibrant 27-year-old girl to have gone into that flat and not come out, it is not a tragedy, it's an obscenity."


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