Friday, July 29, 2011

Darkness at 3AM: Noel buys a radiogram

Apparently convinced he's ninety years old, Noel Gallagher has tried to make a purchase. The Mirror has the details:

“I went to Selfridges and asked for a ghetto blaster. The guy looked at me like I was asking for an obsolete part of a spaceship.

“I was going, ‘You know? Handle, two speakers, put a CD in and you get music?’ Eventually, the guy said: ‘CD? We’ve got iPod docks.’ What’s going on?”
Actually, if you were looking for obsolete parts of spaceships, wouldn't that be futuristic rather than retro?

You've got to love that plaintive 'what's going on?', as if iPods were somehow newfangled devices and hadn't been around for ten years. I wonder how Noel is getting on with digital switchover? Has he lost BBC Two?

This just in: Selfridges have released CCTV footage of Gallagher attempting to make his purchase: