Saturday, July 02, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Easily shocked

Much as Ocean Colour Scene's second coming saw them trailing out the butt of Oasis, so too are bands now clinging desperately to the arses of Kasabian.

Gordon has one in session this morning, and can't even be fagged pretending they're there for any other reason than who they know:

Kasabian's pals thrill in session
You know the band aren't something special when they can't even get their own name in a headline on their own session.

Gordon introduces the friends-of-friends:
KEEP an eye out for these MODERN FACES.

The as-yet-unsigned Scottish group have attracted a load of interest from major record labels after a shock recent support slot with KASABIAN.
A shock support slot? Is it really that surprising - they're signed to a Leicester label which Tom Meighan did a charity single for last year. And they play some ploddy boy-boy-rock. It's hardly like Kasabian went out with a group they found playing in a souk, is it?