Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Lost and found

Worrying times for Gordon, of course, as rumours swirl about what might happen at Murdoch's ever-bleeding disaster sump. It's understandable that Smart is trying to smarten up his cv this morning with the sort of story which would fit better with a free weekly title in the provinces:

Have you seen Liam’s hat?

An investigation is under way to discover the whereabouts of the black fedora.

It was last seen at T In The Park, in Scotland, on Sunday, before a fan swiped it off the singer's head as he performed with his band Beady Eye.
Lost hat. Possibly stolen. Smart even invites readers to email him if they have any information - a turnabout from the usual model in Wapping where they'd look in your email account to see if you had any information.