Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The second (first?) coming of Danyl Johnson

Even though Gordon Smart doesn't mention it, it's clear today's piece of X Factor related cheerleading has been obtained by nothing more sinister than a press officer begging for some space:

THE singers from The X Factor's sixth series aren't doing too badly.

Olly Murs has a decent pop career, Stacey Solomon is flogging Iceland party food, Jedward have made millions and even winner Joe McElderry is re-inventing himself as an opera star.
Olly Murs is clinging desperately as the sun sets; appearing in Iceland adverts is hardly doing well; Jedward are a punchline to a cracker nobody wanted to pull and Joe McElderly has done so badly he had go back on another gameshow. But other than that, alright.
Now Danyl Johnson is plotting his comeback with big-name help.
Comeback? Comeback from what? He hasn't come once yet.

It turns out that there's some mumbling about him "working" with "American legends":
A source said: "Danyl's management have got him working with decent names.

"They are going to try to get him a US deal before cracking the UK.

"Some US labels have seen his first X Factor audition in promotional material for the American version and they were impressed."
These would be labels of the sort that couldn't even be arsed to check the tapes of the original UK show and just happened to see a trail for X-USA, really?

Still, it's an interesting strategy - head for a country where his profile doesn't even exist rather than the one where his name generates a bit of face-pulling and a "which one was he? Which year was this? You sure you're not thinking of Chico?" I can't see anything flawed with that approach, even though it feels like shipping our landfill across the Atlantic rather than dealing with the mess ourselves.