Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Time to drag the body about a bit

The Sun has tried to be dignified following the death of Amy Winehouse, but it's been half a week, dammit; they can't keep that up forever.

Today, Lia Nicholls ("Bizarre Deputy Editor") and Lucy Connolly run a story which appears to be based on the eulogy Mitch Benn gave at Amy's funeral. Claiming it was down to "a family source", there's rather a lot on what may or may not have killed Amy, supposedly all revealed during the funeral.

Although sometimes the "family source" becomes "a source close to Amy's family", which aren't quite the same thing. And apparently not so close as to care about the family's desire for the media to treat the funeral as a private affair.

Charmingly, after having apparently ignored the family's request for the funeral to remain amongst friends and relatives, the pair then add a bit which effectively contradicts Mitch's eulogy suggestion that Winehouse had been sober for three weeks before she died, and that it was withdrawal rather than addiction which killed her.

There's also a report from outside Amy's house:

DRUNKEN yobs "paying tribute" to Amy have been causing havoc outside her house.
Havoc, you say?
One neighbour said: "People have been getting drunk on the square. If a fight broke out who knows what could happen?"
So, no fights have broken out, then?

What does the neighbour actually fear might happen anyway? A full-blown riot? The collapse of polite society? The summoning of a thousand angry dragons?

This sounds more like "a bit of a nuisance" rather than "havoc", surely?