Sunday, July 31, 2011

Noel Gallagher looks to the future

It's difficult to remember that there was once a time when Noel Gallagher's opinions were so dull, I'd routinely find my attention being dragged towards thinking about lemurs whenever I attempted to write about them. A long-ago world, that was.

Let's see what Noel has to say today about his exciting solo career with Noel Gallagher And The Fly Strike Birds:

"There's a lot of work involved in this and I'm a lazy ****. But I think I'll be alright."
Work, you say? Really... work... tell us...
"I'd got to start again from scratch. I'm not a frontman, now I have to be the guy up the front giving it all the jazz hands."
Well... you don't have to do it... do... you?
"I've been in a band with a great frontman, and I was a great guitarist and backing vocalist who chirped in with the odd funny quip. It was perfect. This is just a major pain in the bollocks. But I'm getting used to the idea."
Funny quip? I don't remember any funny quips... must try and remember... when was... Noel... funny... on a swing... eating fruit...