Monday, July 11, 2011

People love the BBC

Not all our media reeks like a fish that has been left out in the sun, or a bucket of KFC. The BBC has been doing some work into the value people feel it brings to their lives and has made some of the findings public. Here, for example, are the "appreciation" indices for BBC Radio (where 100= couldn't be happier):

All BBC Radio 80

BBC Radio 1 78
BBC Radio 2 81
BBC Radio 3 83
BBC Radio 4 80
Radio 5 Live 77
Radio 5 Live Sports Extra 84
BBC 1Xtra 80
BBC 6 Music 82
BBC Radio 7 79
BBC Asian Network 71
Lovely figures there, especially for, you'll note, 6Music. They were going to close it down once, you know.