Monday, July 11, 2011

Gone Bondies: Stollsteimer says that's it

Almost the last man standing from that explosion of Detroit indie, The Von Bondies are over. Jason Stollsteimer is rebranding, and moving on:

"The Von Bondies are done -- I'm the only surviving member," he declares. "The Von Bondies was never a band, it was a solo project dressed up as a band. It's because my last name is Stollsteimer -- it looks stupid. It's not like Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly. It looks stupid and it's too late to change my name now."

"I did it for ten years," he adds, "and it was amazing and lots of fun, but no intentions of doing it right now."
He's now doing business as The Hounds Below; the membership of the band beyond him, reports Spinner, is still fluid.

We've got through this without mentioning "being punched by Jack White". Oh...