Monday, August 15, 2011

Andy Bell claims Noel spat out a tissue of lies

Here's something you never saw when they were in Oasis: One of Oasis slagging off the boss. Andy Bell was given to Liam as part of the divorce settlement, though, and so now is happy to tell us not to trust Noel:

He lied about a lot of things. The argument about Pretty Green was lies, what he said about V Festival and the fake laryngitis was lies - I don't know, maybe he's convinced that's the truth. I don't know what goes on in his head. I know him, so I'm not disappointed. That's what he's like. I know how he spins the press. He's used the press for years. Interviews and press are secondary for us, that's his life.

That's just Noel being Noel. All that shit. There were three of us in that room, and I'm telling you it was nothing to do with Pretty Green. I'm not going to add more fuel to the fire. But I've ended up in a band with Liam, Gem, Chris, with the same management, road crew. But at the same time, I wish him all the best. I want him to be happy.
This is all about what happened the night Oasis died, and who really did what to whom and when and how and why.

It's great to see that Andy Bell is rising above the whole using the press to keep a spat going thing by, erm, giving an interview to the Japan Times about what a terrible liar Noel Gallagher is.