Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gordon in the morning: The N-Dubz dream is crumbling

Can it really be now that Tulisa has a proper job that she's going to stop mucking about with N-Dubz?

Apparently, we're meant to be surprised by this:

For the first time, Fazer and Dappy accused Tulisa of putting herself first, ahead of the band. She is gearing up for a career without the boys and she doesn't seem too bothered about the consequences - despite her protestations on Twitter.

The source added: "T is not having the boys on the show when X Factor reaches the judges' houses phase.

"The boys are livid because the plan was always to promote N-Dubz as writers and producers, using X Factor as a launch pad."
Promoting N-Dubz as writers and producers sounds a bit like promoting Peparami as a health food. It's not entirely surprising that Tulisa, trying to crack on like she knows about music enough to judge other people, really wouldn't want Dopey and Sleepy turning up, is it? It'd be like your embarrassing parents showing up at school.