Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chelsea shutters

The Chelsea Hotel has closed its doors for what is either a renovation project, an attempt to break the hotel's unions, or some sort of confidence trick.

The New York Times popped down for the last night, and found an enthusiast:

“Where are all the punk kids? Maybe they don’t know,” said Ms. Ramona, an adrenaline-fueled, self-described “forever teenager” (in her early 30s) who had booked a room, hopped in her car and gunned it to New York City as soon as she heard the news. For a decade, Ms. Ramona has journeyed to the hotel several times a year, drawn by two of its famous guests from decades past. “Sid Vicious in caps, and Dee Dee Ramone,” she said. “If I could be anywhere tonight, this is the place to be.”
That might also explain where "the punk kids" are - somewhere other than a place that meant something to their grandparents, at a guess.