Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EMI put brave face on losing massive court case

The main meat-and-potatoes of EMI's case against mp3tunes was to rule that music locker services were illegal. It lost, with a court in America saying that simply storing your music online doesn't break the law.

EMI did get a small bone, though, as the mp3tunes search engine was told to remove some unlicensed recordings. They decided to seize on this as a major victory:

"We are pleased that MP3tunes and Michael Robertson have been held liable for infringing hundreds of sound recordings and musical compositions through their Sideload and MP3tunes website," EMI told Torrentfreak.

"At the same time, we're disappointed that the Court found that MP3tunes was entitled to a safe harbor for some of its conduct under the DMCA."
Disappointed might not be the bets word for a decision which effectively means anyone can run a music locker service without the need for record label's permission. The majors have just lost a potential, massive, cash-cow.

But, hey, a few tracks have been taken off sideload. So, well done, you.