Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Noel Gallagher has a daughter, you know

More coverage of the release of the unwanted Noel Gallagher solo material this morning, with Gordon listening to the radio as Noel talks about his band's name:

Noel told XFM's brilliant new breakfast host Danny Wallace: "I'm a fan of birds in the sense of the ones with two legs, two arms. Girls. The other birds are vermin.

"What are they for? The only ones that are any good are the ones that don't fly because you can eat them."
Apart from the retrofitted 1950s sexism, there's something surprising in the way that Noel seems to classify birds as table fowl by whether they fly or not. So presumably he'd eat penguins and eagles with broken wings, while rejecting pheasant and... but... I suspect I'm overthinking this... Noel's Kentucky Fried Penguins... near the penguin enclosure... what's that over there?...

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James said...

Man alive, it's like watching the career of an observational stand-up comedian on fast-forward, as he battles to notice the funny thing about more and more obscure topics. "Computers, eh?! Passwords? Having to remember your 'logon'?! And what is it with trying to buy a new stereo?!?! You can't find ghetto blasters any more, it's all 'iPods'!! And, um, modern pop music!! What's that all about?! Coldplay?? More like 'Oldplay'!! Because they're old, see. And, um... *scans room* *spots copy of RSPB Magazine* Birds! Erm, what about these 'birds', eh? What are they for? There's only one sort of bird I like, and that's Women! Eh? And another thing, um... Pen-tops! Yeah! Why do they put that hole in the end? Eh? And, err... Big boxes full of unsold copies of 'Standing on the Shoulder of Giants', eh? Where do they all come from?"

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