Monday, August 08, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Top of a knackered pile

Gordon hails Cher Lloyd's number one this morning:

CHER Lloyd proved her famous "haters" wrong yesterday by hitting No1 with debut single Swagger Jagger.
I love those quotation marks round "haters", which is the sort of styling you'd expect to see in the Telegraph rather than The Sun.

Oddly, Smart doesn't point out that Lloyd's big chart debut was carefully timed to appear in a stagnant market - there's only one other new entry in the top 40 this week, and most of the records in the chart have been hanging around for so long they can only possibly be selling in handfuls rather than bucketloads.

But, still: yes, well done. Let's not mention that Chico also managed a number one with his first single, eh?