Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Will Young parks

How has Will Young managed to survive ten years in music? It's probably by being dull.

Caroline McGuire went to interview him for Bizarre to mark his decade, and the big scoop?

A below-the-line-Telegraph-style moan about parking tickets:

Will says: "I spend ridiculous amounts on them. I will not name figures but it could probably feed a city. It's because they have these f****** cameras everywhere that are meant to be for our safety, but they're not!
You're confusing the speed cameras with the parking cameras. The parking cameras are designed to stop people parking where they shouldn't.
"I'm moving house and stop outside this cafe every day on a yellow line. I risk it and keep an eye out for the traffic warden.
So this isn't one of those edge cases, where there's a hidden sign, or the lines are badly-painted. You're risking it, and you're losing your gamble. What the hell are you moaning about?
"But they've got this frigging camera. I got eight tickets in a row, but they didn't come through until a week later."
So you're knowingly parking somewhere you shouldn't, but somehow think that should be okay providing there's no traffic warden?
"The other day I was walking past a traffic warden and swore at him by putting two fingers up and pretending to scratch my face – I'm 32, I knew what I was doing was crazy but it just makes me so angry."
Because you get fined for parking where you shouldn't? If you're going to be eight years old and do the finger-scratchy thing, maybe you should think about using a mirror.


James said...

Uh-oh. Will was the first winner of Pop Idol, wasn't he? Is this something we should've been warned about? That after ten years, the winners turn from inoffensive Asda-pop warblers into Tesco Value Clarksons, hoping to ditch the singing in favour of a lucrative career writing endless columns and paperbacks packed with half-hearted rants about wheely bins and the metric system? Should Littlejohn be worried that Michelle McManus is about to steal his job writing shitty sketches in which the cast of Dad's Army have to deal with a Health and Safety ruling that hasn't actually happened?

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