Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Joe McElderry: The Omarion of the London Riots

Joe McElderry was in Hackney last night, so we are blessed to have his first-hand report from the scene:

Joe McElderry found himself in the middle of the London riots yesterday, August 8, while filming a new music video.

The talented singer was working "right in the middle of Hackney" on a video shoot and experienced first hand the severity of the situation. Tweeting at about 8pm BST last night, McElderry let his followers know that he was fine, but had witnessed some shocking sights:

"That's a wrap!! Video is done!! We were filming in a location building! Right in the middle of hackney were the riots were!!!"

"It's all kicking off! Cars on fire and everything! So sad that these people are doing this to there own towns!! just left now got out safe!"
Goodness, a three exclamation mark riot.

This comes from PressParty who appear to be slightly distancing themselves from the claim that he was in "the middle" of riots, or even Hackney, by the second paragraph. I'm not entirely sure the claim that McElderly "saw some shocking sights" is actually supported by his second tweet, either.

It's unlikely if Joe really was in the middle, rather than sort-of-near, his first thought would have been "that's a wrap", no? Although Nero did fiddle while Rome burned, so maybe Joe would lip-sync while Hackney blazed?

[via @wadeywade]