Thursday, August 04, 2011

Society in meltdown, part one: Beyonce and the egg thrower

These are the signs of the end of the days: An uninvited eggthrower at a Beyonce video shoot. TMZ reports:

Some loudmouthed dumbass was arrested near the set of Beyonce's new music video in NJ this week -- after screaming at the crew and allegedly THROWING AN EGG at a police officer.

According to law enforcement, police had already booted the rowdy 23-year-old male TWICE for sneaking onto the set -- after he shouted, "I can be a better dancer!" But all bets were off when the kid came back a third time ... and allegedly hurled an egg at an officer.
You've got to love the capping up of THROWING AN EGG, as if this is a new level of devilry heretoforward unknown.

The more important question - related to how it sounds like New Jersey cops were providing security at a music video shoot - has floated by TMZ.