Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steps back, in amazement

Last month, Lisa Scott-Lee announced her plans to Wales On Sunday:

FORMER Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee has revealed she’s moved to Dubai and is writing a children’s novel.

Apparently this is what writing a novel looks like.

Yes, Steps have come back together to do a series for Sky Living - way to strike while the iron's hot, Sky Living; there are few cultural forces which resonate more strongly in 2011 than Steps.

Rumours that Sky execs looked at that comeback picture, asked 'which one is Rachel Stevens?' and then looked a bit queasy as they realised they'd made a terrible mistake, could not be confirmed at time of writing.

Funnily enough, it's only a month since Scott-Lee insisted that she had standards about what crappy reality TV project she'd get involved in:
Lisa, who starred in Dancing On Ice, said she’s also like to give Strictly Come Dancing a go. She said: “ It’s the best one. “I wouldn’t go into the jungle or do Big Brother.”
I'm not sure if a show about your old band sits at the Strictly end of the scale, but you have to wonder if she's only prepared to work on the quality end of the market, what was she doing on ITV's pretend-to-be-an-air-steward CelebAir?