Monday, August 22, 2011

X Factor stretching the truth? Surely not?

You'll recall back during the hoo-hah about Ronan Parke on Britain's Got Talent, one of the things that outraged Simon Cowell so was the mere suggestion that one of his game shows might offer an easier ride to an act with whom his Syco label had connections, while not revealing those connections.

From the Mirror this morning:

It emerged that one of the early frontrunners [in this year's X Factor] – pizza waitress Roxy Yarnold – has strong links with Cowell’s Syco record label and Walsh has championed her for years.

Roxy, 19, was the star of Saturday’s show after being sent through to the next round with four resounding “yes” votes.

But we can reveal that Roxy was handpicked in 2007 to tour with Westlife, Shayne Ward and G4 – who have all been signed to Syco.

And Louis – who manages Westlife and previously Shayne Ward – said in a 2007 interview: “She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s talented and I just think she’s got a great future.”
X Factor spokespeople claim that she had no unfair advantage, and that she chose to go and audition all by herself.

Maybe. But shouldn't it at least be made explicit that viewers are not watching a pizza waitress, but a professional musician? Shouldn't Louis have been honest that he wasn't seeing her sing for the first time?