Friday, September 09, 2011

J unaware of PJ

There's been a bit of a fluster over Jessie J's revelation she doesn't know the work of Polly Jean:

When asked to comment on PJ Harvey’s win, the ‘Price Tag’ and ‘Do It Like A Dude’ star confessed that she’d never heard of her, but vowed to explore her back catalogue after the interview, asking, “Is she good then?”
Is it really so surprising that a 23 year-old didn't spend a lot of time listening to classic era John Peel? I'll bet she doesn't know who Silverfish were, either.

Wasn't the point of the Mercury when it launched - alongside promoting the now-defunct Cable And Wireless domestic telephony service - to introduce people to music they might not otherwise have come across? Isn't that job done?


Simon said...

It's the wrong part of the story being highlighted: "not only had she not heard about the Mercury result, she wasn’t sure exactly what the Mercury was." Someone who has been embedded within the industry for years has never come across the Mercury Prize before? (The actual unknowingness story, of course, is Channel 4's "culture editor" calling Harvey "obscure" and making records that "nobody bought", Let England Shake only being Polly's eighth top 20 album after all)

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