Saturday, November 05, 2011

Beady Eye will change your life

Liam Gallagher is already making plans for a second Beady Eye album - so soon after the last one; we are truly spoiled.

And, oh, what plans:

Referring to the group's debut, he said: "It wasn't life-changing, but the next album - that'll be life-changing.
Life-changing. A phrase often followed by the word "injuries" and much crying.

Still, Liam. Do tell, how will you change people's lives while avoiding falling into big-budget, empty bombast?
It'll be a much grander affair too, with strings.

But at least this might give you a chance to finally slough off the claim that your entire output is fuelled solely by Beatle-envy, and to let you spread your musical horizon a little wider?
"I'm really into 'All Things Must Pass' by George Harrison at the moment, so I think we'll be going down that road a bit more."