Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Filling out

George Michael has cancelled some European dates, as he's got pneumonia. Not that that's bothering Gordon, mind. He's got a bigger story:

George was also embarrassed when photos taken by fans during his one London concert showed him with a sagging belly. There was no sign of his paunch in the official snaps.
Just in case you've missed his subtle point, he prints a picture of the young Michael wearing his tight white swimming trunks. Yes, you remember. Oh, yes...

... uh, sorry... where were we? Ah, yes. Smart runs a big photo of the small trunks with this caption:
Young gun ... George Michael looking slim during Wham's heyday in the '80s
Yes, Gordon. It was thirty years ago. Of course he'd be a bit slimmer then.

Still, given his metabolism slowing down seems to worry you so much, Gord, keep your fingers crossed: pneumonia can cause weight loss. Perhaps you'll get your slimline George back in the next few days.