Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Showbiz expert

Given that there isn't a Glastonbury next year, it really will be a washout.

To be fair to Gordon, the article does remember there's no 2012 event, and given how many stories he's been running about Hugh Grant's child's mother, he must have been distracted yesterday as the Leveson inquiry heard about how some people had been behaving towards her:
Sherborne said that "Whilst Mr Grant was appearing on Question Time, discussing the closure of the NoW, Rupert Murdoch and press standards generally, she received a barrage of telephone calls from a withheld number from someone who managed to get it from somewhere, and when they finally answered she was threatened in the most menacing terms, which should reverberate around this inquiry: 'Tell Hugh Grant he must shut the fuck up'. Unsurprisingly she was too stressed to call the police."

The barrister also claimed that Tinglan Hong's mother was almost run over by paparazzi in the weeks after Grant became one of the most prominent critics of News International.
Near the end of a lengthy diatribe against tabloid press ethics and behaviour, the lawyer said he had secured an emergency injunction on behalf of the mother of Hugh Grant's child. Sherborne claimed the real reason for her injunction is that she has received threats because the father of child has spoken out against the press.
I'm sure Gordon would have been worried that, having run non-stories about Grant's relationship, some people might assume The Sun was in some way connected with this grisly business. No wonder attention to detail might have been sloppy at Wapping.