Monday, December 05, 2011

Dry your dishes the "pop columnist" way

How much money do you have? Good news - unless you said 'none' - as you can turn some of that money into an officially-endorsed luxurious "recreation" of the original Black Type tea towel. For years writers of "letters" to the nation's premier pop periodical Smash Hits would hope to be judged the best, in order to win a record token and tea towel.

The "record token" has vanished into the haze of memories - something to do with buying Frisbees in shops, I think - but at least we can all enjoy our very own tea towel. And, because this is now, you don't even have to write an amusing letter about Kate Bush, as Swingorilliant is actually selling them. For cash. That's why I asked how much money you had.

Jason says: "That'll do"